Next Steps Together is a call to action for Black men across the U.S. and diaspora to host and participate in open and frank conversations about their personal and collective lived experiences. Given the constant pressures to appear strong, especially in public or group settings, Black men have few mechanisms for telling their stories, grieving, or exploring healing practices together. The conversation itself is a medium toward and an expression of collective healing.

On the weekend of Juneteenth, June 19-21, 2020, Black men from around the U.S. and diaspora will gather together virtually in groups of 5-10 men to talk about their lived experiences. During this time where the threat of disease, persecution, death, and economic collapse are felt acutely by Black men across the world, communal healing practices are needed more than ever to build resilience within our social circles and communities.

Each virtual meeting will be hosted by one or more Black men who will be tasked with scheduling, inviting others, and hosting a dialogue with other Black men. The goal of the dialogue is to ensure everyone has a chance to speak on the topics selected by the group. Group coordinators are encouraged to invite a diverse mix of Black men (i.e., age, neighborhood, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs, etc.).

To find out more about how to host a virtual dialogue, check out our Toolkit.



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